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Here Is The Best Slow Cooker For Two People

If you're looking for the best slow cooker for two people, this is the pot for you! It is the perfect slow cooker size for those with a roommate or significant other. 
best slow cooker for two people

Lately, my husband and I thought we’d try slow cooking to make meal planning easier. We started looking everywhere for a “slow cooker for two,” but finding that perfect one was like searching for a needle in a haystack!

Most slow cookers we kept coming across were pretty ginormous. And given that we don’t plan on expanding our family (at least not anytime soon), purchasing a bigger size seemed like a waste. 

After tons and tons of research, reading countless online reviews, and still finding nothing, we finally decided to throw in the towel and give up on this whole slow cooker thing. 

However, something in me decided to give it one more try!

So, one random morning, I got Amazon and decided to explore its kitchen section. 

Lo and Behold, I stumbled upon this crockpot slow cooker for two people. 

I couldn’t believe it. 

3 quart crockpot

Not only was it the perfect size for what we needed, but it was also affordable and had some excellent reviews, which drove me to hit the purchase button immediately. 

I don’t know about you, but when I see something that works, I get it immediately. No second guesses, no questioning myself.

And this crockpot slow cooker for two just works! 

Importance of Choosing the Right-Sized Slow Cooker

If you’re new to slow cooking or cooking in general, chances are you’re probably not familiar with pot sizing. 

It can seem like a genius idea to head to your nearest crate and barrel and pick up the first slow cooker you find sitting on a shelf. 

However, failure to pick the correct size can cost you in the long run. 

height of a slow cooker for two people

Buying a slow cooker that’s too large or too small for your needs is not just about inconvenience; it’s also about the efficiency, food quality, and, ultimately, your satisfaction with your meals.

Here are some reasons why choosing the right-sized slow cooker is essential:

Preventing Over or Undercooking 

Many slow cookers are designed to operate most efficiently when they’re two-thirds to three-quarters full. 

This means that a pot that’s too large for your meal size may cook your food too quickly, potentially leading to overcooked, dry, or burnt meals. 

Conversely, a too-small pot crammed with ingredients won’t distribute heat evenly, risking undercooked food and possible health risks.

Optimizing Food Flavor and Texture

The right amount of space in a slow cooker helps a lot with heat circulation, allowing your food to cook in its juices and seasonings evenly. 

However, if you don’t purchase the right size for the types of recipes you intend to make, it can cause your food not to get cooked evenly. 

Reducing Food Waste

Using an oversized slow cooker for smaller meals often results in leftovers. 

While leftovers can be practical (if you have a large family you’re cooking for), they often end up uneaten and thrown away, especially if you prefer freshly cooked meals or like to vary your diet. 

A size-appropriate slow cooker helps in preparing meals that fit your consumption, reducing unnecessary waste.

Enhancing Kitchen Space Efficiency

I don’t know about you, but I like my kitchen space to feel minimalist and clutter-free. 

Large appliances (especially slow cookers) take up significant counter or storage space, making it challenging to achieve that minimalistic feel. 

For those with smaller kitchens, a compact slow cooker that suits your lifestyle will save space and minimize clutter.

size of a slow cooker for two people

Why This 3-Quart Crockpot Is The Best Slow Cooker For Two

Ease of Use

One thing I love about this ‘slow cooker for two’ is that it’s super easy to use. 

Have you ever purchased an essential kitchen item only to spend countless hours figuring out how to use it?

Well, I have. And it isn’t enjoyable. 

In fact, I have an air fryer I haven’t used to this day because I’m still clueless about how it works. 

Thankfully, this crockpot isn’t like my annoying air fryer. 

It’s user-friendly and makes cooking in a crockpot so much easier. 

If you’re looking for the best slow cooker for two people, this is the one!


As mentioned earlier, most crockpots you will find in-store are usually large for a serving size of two. However, this is just perfect.

It is big, but not too big. So you can enjoy some dinner and still have a bit of leftovers for one more day. 

This is a plus if you’re someone who doesn’t like eating the same meals every day but won’t mind eating leftovers once in a while.


This slow cooker for two is remarkably budget-friendly, priced just below $30.

When researching slow cookers, I kept running into several that were outside the price range I was willing to spend on a pot.

This one, however, surprised me. 

Not only was it high quality, but it was way below the price range that I had budgeted. Talk about a steal!! 

Cooking temperature and time

Another awesome thing you will love about this 3-quart slow cooker is that it has three settings for heating (low, high, and warm), which allows you to decide how fast or how slow you want your meals cooked.

ease of using crockpot

Although it may not have the timing functionality like some other premium slow cookers out there, this feature alone is great for what most people are looking for in a slow cooker.

On the high settings alone, you can expect a perfectly cooked meal within 4 hours of use, which, to me, is frigging awesome. 

If you want to go slower, the low temperature allows you to take your time.

My Personal Experience Using This 3-Quart Crockpot Slow Cooker For Two

I’ve used this slow cooker many times in the past few months, and I promise you that having it is a meal prep hack that will make meal prepping so much easier for you. 

From my experience, using this slow cooker has been nothing short of amazing. 

I used it recently to make my beef stew for two recipe, and it did a great job of cooking them. 

food inside a slow cooker for two

Each time I make slow-cooked meals for myself and my husband, we typically end up with leftovers for dinner the following day. But nothing beyond that, which I like, so we don’t end up with waste.

Some Drawbacks To The Slowcooker

If you’re curious about any drawbacks, I will say that the only thing I sometimes find annoying is how long it takes to heat up. 

Otherwise, everything else is pretty good. 

To deal with the heating issue, I usually just leave it on for about 30 minutes before adding ingredients.

I found this to be a perfect way to speed things up. 

To conclude, if you are looking for a slow cooker for two people, you can’t go wrong with this crockpot. Give it a try; I guarantee you won’t regret your purchase.

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